Company Name : P.T. Ikimura Indotools Center
Website :
Year Establish : October 5th, 1991
NPWP : 01.569.999.4-073.000
Director : Mr. Hadrianto Abas, a Mechanical Engineer
Experiences :
  • 15 years worked for distributor of ASSAB Steel / Uddeholm Sweden
  • 3 years worked for distributor of SANDVIK COROMANT as Product Manager
  • 3 years worked for distributor of TITEX Plus, ASSAB 17 as Product Manager

PT. Ikimura Indotools CenterIt all began when Mr. Hadrianto Abas decided to pursue his dream by starting a metal cutting tools company, P.T. Ikimura Indotools Center. He built the company to face the challenges of the modern world. Prior to that, he had worked hard for 35 years gaining knowledge in the steel and metal cutting tools field.

With his knowledge, experiences and good business track record, the company flourished and it gained trust from other manufacturing companies. Soon P.T. Ikimura Indotools Center spread wide and was able to support the growth of industrial business in Indonesia.

Due to its sincerity, professionalism, leadership and excellent services to the customers, P.T. Ikimura Indotools Center has grown fast. The company also has established accountable technical supports, an experienced sales team and a very good logistic system.

PT. Ikimura Indotools Center


Making contribution to Indonesia society with a focus of improving people’s quality of life.


We, Ikimura Group, a metal cutting tools company, provides working environments where our employees can unleash their highest potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellency hence support our customers by superior products and unsurpassed services to help them gain su stainable competitive advantage in their markets.

Our cultures:

  • Honest and Integrity

Honest and integrity is the basic culture in running the business, by that we can FULFILLED the best customer’s satisfaction and create raving fans customers.

  • Ownership

I will do the best for MY OWN SUCCESS !!

  • Commitment

I commit to always achieve company’s goal and target and never give up.

  • Excellence

Everything I do must be EXCELLENT so everybody will have the best impact and so is the company to support my own success

  • Success

I must be a success man, so I can give A LOT OF CONTRIBUTION to the world

  • Teamwork

MY SUCCESS is built up by my teamwork in this company

  • Consistency

EVERY GOALS need consistency to be achieved, I will move on and reach my dreams without any doubt !!!

  • Gratitude

I gratitude to GOD for the JOB that I have, that’s why I should DO MY BEST and never let my teamwork down because of me

  • Abundance

Abundance belongs to everyone who has passion ,spirit and happiness in work. Abundance will be owned by this company, all employees, all suppliers and for my family

  • Pride

I am PROUD of being a member of Ikimura Group, thus I will present my best as Ikimura Group

  • Passion

WORKING IN THIS COMPANY is my passion, so that I will fight for the success of MY LIFE

  • Respect

Respect is being an important KEY SUCCESS for my team work. I will respect anyone no matter on their background, religion, race , especially my team